Electric Car is here — Just as Petrol Car was 100 years before !

April 19, 2009

World’s Fastest Electric Car is a 1972 Datsun

17th Friday  — This morning —    I was listening to BBC news on my favourite "Easy Radio” —

Heard an amazingly fabulous news —

The efficient German car maker BMW has produced an electric car reach speed of 120 mph —

And the car covers 240 miles,  mind you ‘miles’  NOT ‘kilometres’, on one charge —

In these days of uncertainties of cost of petrol and diesel going up and down while giving all of us high blood pressure and heart aches and attacks too,  eco friendly clean air car is a welcome product —

Hope the car is priced in the affordable range !

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New Method for ”Stem Cell” Ceases Ethical War of Words

March 2, 2009

 Stem CellBush Polish PopeGalileo

Stem Cells could be grown into any of the almost 220 human tissues in the body.

It’s just like buying any spare part for any of your household items from Motor Car to the Wall clock that decorates your living room.

That’s it,  Stem Cells could be grown into any spare part for the body.  Heart or a Lung or Kidney or anything else that is diseased and damaged. 

Also Stem Cells could treat adverse conditions like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and even spinal cord injury. 

The former World’s Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Cassius Clay re-named Muhamed Ali comes to mind.

However,  a doubt is there in us,  if the elated boasts of scientists could go to the length of creating a person’s brain intact with all the data acquired in his life’s time ?

Embryonic Stem Cell is the most favoured by the ”culture artists” that grow spare organs in a laboratory.  But Human Life Activists wouldn’t let it go forward even at the cost of millions of anxious patients.

A hindering deafening voice rose up to say,  ”Embryo is Human Life even it be a few day’s old”. 

Roman Catholic Church obstructed no end,  joined in by the infamous George Bush who cut off funds for Stem Cell Research.

Popes of the Catholic Church were all obstructionists of advancement of science.  Remember Galileo of ”Earth is Round” fame ?

Four hundred years ago the old man Galileo was forced to recant his theory of ”World is Round and it Revolves Around the Sun and NOT Sun goes by Earth”.

After recanting he stepped down from the Witness Box muttering ”Yet it moves”. 

The last Polish Pope apologised publicly for the ”Wrong Done to Galileo Four Centuries Back”.

Today we have the good news from the Edinburgh University that Stem Cells could be prepared from the ”Skin of Patient” in limitless amount. 

No longer an embryo is required.  Effectively shutting up the Pro-Life Activists. 

And the Immune System of Patient has to accept the ”New Organ” as it is no stranger and carries the same DNA.

Sir Ian Wilmut, cloned Dolly the Sheep, says of his team’s effort as a ‘significant step towards regenerative medicine’. 

An year before Stem Cells were produced from skin of adults. 

But it involved injecting certain viruses.  They carry extra four genes.  And these had the potential to turn cancerous.  Therefore, such Stem Cells were not suitable for human patients.

Now the research team from  universities of Edinburgh and Toronto have found a way to avoid the viruses. 

The new technique, electroporation,  implant the extra genes through the pores of the skin and remove them once the process is complete presenting clean healthy cells.

Almost half of Europe is against use of  embryonic stem cells.

Now the ‘pro-lifers’ have nothing to cry over and the millions of patients have hope of being cured of their dreaded diseases !

US Food and Drug Administration has now approved study on ”human embryonic stem cell therapy”.  They considered the 21,000 page application for many months.

George Bush cut off all funding to Stem Cell Research except sixty lines that used embryos collected before August 2001.

Even though scientists warned only twenty of them were eligible cell lines.

It would be enlightening to enquire why George Bush provided funds for Stem Cell Research to a very narrow field when he had scant regard for ”Human Life”.

The FDA’s positive decision comes too late !

They claim the in-coming of Obama’s administration has had no influence on their decision.

Their denial is rendered ineffective when it is public knowledge a more pragmatic and science focused outlook was intended by the new administration.

The winds of change !!

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? ? ? Murder or Suicide >>> You Must Decide

February 17, 2009

The Detective Stories,  Crime Stories,  Mystery Solving Stories captivated and inspired our young minds. 

So much so, we had these books hidden in our text books and focused our undivided attention till the class master came stealthily and plucked it to be confiscated.

We had books by Mickey Spillane with Mike Hammer, and Erle Stanley Gardner with Perry Mason as Lawyer,   Leslie Charteris with Simon Templar as Saint, and the inimitable Agatha Christie with her Miss Marple and the Curled-up-moustache Frenchman Hercule Poirot and a few others fascinated us no end.

To this day, for the last 60 years, without a break, the play Mouse Trap is running non-stop, played by three generations of actors, in a particular theatre in the city of London.

It was written by Agatha Christie as a birthday gift for Queen Elizabeth the Second of Great Britain. There’s an informative site by her grandson http://www.agathachristie.com/ for your pleasure.

Now we will embark on a pleasant mystery solving assignment.

A body is found. We place before you the clues.  And you bring in your detecting skill gathered and honed on your readings of mystery story books.

Ok, here we go.

1… Early hours of a cold sleepy morning ringing phone at an English police station suddenly awakes the nodding Desk Sergeant … a missing person is reported … he duly alerts a search team and goes back to his pleasant nod and dreams.

2… The search team finds a body under a tree in a jungle, the English call ”the Woods”.  It alerts paramedics team that arrives soon after.

3… A quick survey finds a tiny patch of blood on grass and another coin sized blotch  on pants.

4… Left wrist slashed across slightly.

5… And three empty blister packs, but for one tablet, of
painkillers in his jacket pocket.

6… A blunt pruning knife … it was revealed later had no finger prints on it.

7… Half drunk Evian half litre water bottle.

8… Post-mortem revealed :

8:1 One of the two arteries in the left wrist was cut open  …  the cut was crosswise  …  and therefore would retract, close up and stop bleeding  … especially in cold weather conditions  …  it cannot be fatal through loss of blood.

8:2 No loss of blood of the ten pints found in a body.  It is estimated at least five pints be expelled for death by loss of blood.

8:3 The stomach content of painkiller tablet was one fifth of a fatal dose.

9… Physical evidence found by search team shows …  each of the blister packs contain ten tablets …  each oval shaped tablet is half an inch long  …  that means he swallowed 29 tablets with less than one quarter litre of water. 

That’s all there is to it.  There wasn’t an accident.

Now you put on your thinking cap … analyse the given clues …
and tell us if you think the dead man was killed or killed himself.

How did he die ?  Loss of blood ?  Overdose of Painkiller ?

We will discus the demeanour and background of the dead person in the next post.

This is a true story.   To read in-depth please go here.

Thank you.

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Times Point to 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis

February 13, 2009

1… Angelo Mozilo     Alan Greenspan

The son of a butcher, Mozilo co-founded Countrywide in 1969 and built it into the largest mortgage lender in the U.S. Countrywide wasn’t the first to offer exotic mortgages to iffy borrowers, but it popularized such products. In the wake of the housing bust, which toppled Countrywide, Mozilo’s lavish pay package was excoriated by critics. He left Countrywide last summer after its sale to Bank of America, which later pledged to pay $8.7 billion to settle predatory-lending charges filed against Countrywide filed by 11 state attorneys general.


2… Phil GrammPhil Gramm

As chairman of the Senate Banking Committee from 1995 through 2000, Gramm was Washington’s outspoken champion of deregulation. And he got it, by playing a lead role in the writing and passage of the 1999 repeal of the Depression-era Glass-Steagall Act, which had separated commercial banks from Wall Street. Then he inserted a provision into the 2000 Commodity Futures Modernization Act that exempted derivatives like credit-default swaps from regulation.

3… Alan GreenspanAlan Greenspan

He was the one who could have stopped it. As Federal Reserve chairman, Greenspan deftly managed the 1987 stock-market crash and presided over the 1990s economic boom, cementing his status as Washington’s money wizard. But the low interest rates he sired in the early 2000s and his long-standing disdain for regulation underpinned the mortgage crisis. The maestro admitted in an October congressional hearing that he had "made a mistake in presuming" that financial firms could regulate themselves.

4… Chris CoxChris Cox

The ex-SEC chief’s blindness to repeated allegations of fraud in the Madoff scandal is mind-blowing, but it’s his lax enforcement that lands him on this list. Cox says his agency lacked authority to limit the massive leveraging that led to the financial collapse. In truth, the SEC had plenty of power to rein in risky behavior by such investment banks as Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch, but it chose not to. Cox oversaw the dwindling SEC staff and a sharp drop in action against some traders. We could have used more.

5… American Consumers  American Consumers

We really enjoyed living beyond our means. No wonder we wanted to believe it would never end. But the bill is due. Household debt in the U.S. — the money we owe as individuals — zoomed to more than 130% of income in 2007, up from about 60% in 1982. We’ve been borrowing, borrowing, borrowing — living off and believing in the wealth effect, first in stocks, which ended badly, then in real estate, which has ended even worse. Now we’re out of bubbles. We have a lot less wealth — and a lot more effect.

6… Hank Paulson  Hank Paulson

When Paulson left the top job at Goldman Sachs to become Treasury Secretary in 2006, his big concern was whether he’d have an impact. Careful what you wish for. He almost single-handedly ran economic policy for the last year of the Bush Administration. Impact? You bet. Positive? Not yet. Paulson was too late in battling the crisis, and letting Lehman fail was a pivotal mistake that rapidly eroded confidence. His attempt to fix the problem — a bailout that netted $700 billion from Congress — has been a wasteful mess.

7… Joe Cassano  Joe Cassano

Before the meltdown, few people had ever heard of credit-default swaps. They are insurance contracts — or, if you prefer, wagers — that a company will pay its debt. As a founding member of AIG’s financial-products unit, Cassano knew them cold. In good times, AIG’s massive CDS-issuance business minted money by essentially writing insurance against a financial Katrina. What were the odds? Those contracts were at the heart of AIG’s downfall. So far, the U.S. has invested and lent $150 billion to keep AIG afloat.

8… Ian McCarthy  Ian McCarthy

As CEO of Beazer Homes since 1994, McCarthy has become something of a poster child for worst builder behaviors. In 2007 the Charlotte Observer highlighted Beazer’s aggressive sales tactics, including lying about borrowers’ qualifications to help them get loans. The company has admitted that its mortgage unit violated regulations — like down-payment-assistance rules — at least as far back as 2000. It is cooperating with federal investigators.

9…Frank Raines  Frank Raines

Raines was at the helm of Fannie Mae, the bastard offspring of politics and finance, when things really went off course. A former Clinton Administration Budget Director, Raines took over as CEO of Fannie in 1999. He left in 2004 with the company embroiled in an accounting scandal just as it was making big investments in the subprime mortgage securities that would later sour. Last year Fannie and rival Freddie Mac became wards of the state.

Enough of these greedy, irresponsible, rotten bastards.

There are sixteen more of them here

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British Cash for Lordship Scandal

February 8, 2009

In Britain a seat in the House of Lords have been sold for cash under the table, so to speak, from early times.

The Labour Party under Tony Blair too made money for the party under dubious circumstances.

Tony Blair
Tony Blair as a Prime Minister was interviewed by the Police on investigation of a alleged scandal of ”Cash for Honour”.  He was not interrogated.  But the slur remains.

Labour Party had to refund or return millions of Sterling Pounds that were collected in this underhand scheme.

Tony Blair, it was told, was one of three that were privy to the whole money making scheme.

The Treasurer of Labour Party, the fund raiser, a Lord himself, was arrested by the Police for interrogation and shortly released thereafter, probably under pressure by high rankers whose house was threatening to come crumbling down.

It is well known that if a person could connive in this type of money schemes would not hesitate to say ”Yes” to a strategy of silencing an inconvenient man by murder.

And therefore we are bound to raise the doubt that indeed there was a case of ”Murder” and NOT  ”Suicide” as suggested by the Government Enquirer: Lord Hutton.

The Lords themselves, once seated in the Upper Chamber, indulge schemes of their own to make money on the side.

There was the case of Lords asking for money to raise questions in Parliament.  This was during the times of Conservative Party.

Then the Lords promoted wealthy individuals for a seat beside them in this Labour Party scheme.

And now we have four of them in a ”cash-for-amendments”

Lord Moonie Lord Moonie      Lord Snape Lord Snape

Lord Taylor Lord Taylor     Lord Truscott Lord Truscott


The Source Article could be read Here

Bloated Ego and Arrogance Caused Downfall of Leader

February 7, 2009

History Repeats Itself. It reflects in most parts of the world.

Technology in Newspapers and Magazines, Radio and Television, Computer and Internet have made communication and spread of news around the world a daily routine.

Today we hear of earthquakes, bombings, derailed
trains, crash landed planes and horrific crimes in distant places thousands of miles away from us.

And therefore we are able to observe and compare history to our times and place.

An unknown non-entity, uneducated and therefore unpolished in speech and deed, through devious and deceitful
means becomes the leader of a group of cut-throats.

Also known as the ”Bully of the Beer Hall”.

The times were depressive nationally and racially. Therefore people were inclined to listen to challenging rhetoric even of a deranged mad-man.

Thus Adolf Hitler rose to power and brought down a pure and proud nation with himself.

A comparative study of Hitler with many of the despots around the world would show all tyrants are of similar minds and achieve similar end results after the mayhem of their creation.

Hitler did not trust or respect anyone but himself.
2 … Sweeping victories are of ”Beginner’s Luck”
3 … Bloated Ego turns to inevitable arrogance.
4 … Does not entertain opinions of others and refuses to pay heed to advices of experienced people.
5 .. Not honoured by leaders of men as he respects none and in speech equals a street thug.
6 … Respects no traditions, conventions or laws and therefore could kill and maim in schools, hospitals and among his own people too.
7 … Although the daily mantra of ”my people” ”எம் மக்கள்” is recited nothing is done unless and otherwise something derives to his own party.
8 … Selecting sub-standard persons to lead groups of people.
9 … Recruiting children to fight his war.
10  And forcing the elderly and the invalid to take up arms.
11  Subordinates learnt in quick time to please him with good news and sweep all bitter events beneath the carpet.
12  And he believed that everything was under control while whole sections of community and society were seething with anger and frustration.

A close look would lead you to the inevitable conclusion unless one is blind.

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February 6, 2009

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